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Devices or hardware not functioning properly? It's time to use Driver Genius!


Windows drivers for your PC are essential component of your computer system – drivers make sure that all hardware devices are communicating with central CPU unit properly. Without the drivers, hardware devices and software applications would not be able to perform its functions. For each piece of hardware, there is a driver. If this driver is old, corrupted or missing then the associated hardware may malfunction – your mouse stops responding, picture on your monitor is less than stellar, printer not working, sounds/graphic cards are inactive, etc... Is driver update safe? Yes, if it's done properly. Use Safe driver device and safe driver updater like Driver Genius.

Driver Genius was created to deal with all the driver issues in an easy, fast and efficient way. With a single click, Driver Genius will detect which drivers are missing or require updating. Then it will locate and update the appropriate drivers that are right for the device and for your computer – guaranteed. Its driver database covers over 100,000 different drivers and as such is the largest one.

Try a Free Driver Scan and see how Driver Genius can help you run your PC better - get your devices up-to-date now!

About Driver Updater

will scan your hard drive, and will then detect and install all the necessary drivers This program will automatically scan your hard drive and will give you a quick driver fix & updates to problem devices.

It covers 100% of hardware devices. It is certain that your device will be fixed and that right driver will be found in our immense database.

Ability to do both online and offline driver analysis. With Driver Genius you can save a driver analysis file on your hard drive without an Internet connection, and later use it to download drivers from an Internet-enabled computer.

Easy to use interface. Driver Genius is very user-friendly, just click on Scan button and once the scan is complete just choose to "Update Drivers".


100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee

24/7 Technical Support

No Viruses, no malware, no adware – it’s a 100% clean product

Driver Genius will update...

Video card drivers
Motherboard drivers
Sound card drivers
Printer drivers
Webcam drivers
Wireless drivers
USB drivers
Chipset drivers
AC97 drivers
DVD drivers
Router drivers
Bluetooth drivers
Windows XP drivers
Windows Vista drivers
FireWire drivers
Ethernet drivers...

Driver Genius for Windows

Driver Genius detects and updates all your Windows drivers


Click for a free scan of your drivers:

Free Driver Scan


About Driver Genius

  • Detects and fixes all your Drivers
  • Largest driver database in the industry, over 100,000 hardware devices are supported
  • Online and offline driver analysis
  • Fastest, most reliable driver downloads and updates
  • Free technical support
  • Compatible with all major PC Windows operating systems
  • Easy to use tool

Free Driver Scan



Quotes from our users

I had my monitor for over 8 months and was never really satisfied with the quality of picture. Then my friend told me about Driver Genius. I run the scan and the Driver Genius installed a new, updated driver for my monitor – the result was amazing and picture was crystal clear!

Jonathan M., Los Angeles, CA


Working in the multimedia industry means I use peripherals such as high-res monitors, printers and scanners as well as graphic and sound cards. But being dependent on these devices also means being dependent on drivers. Whenever a driver is outdated or invalid, the device performance suffers. Luckily I have Driver Genius to fix this situation. I don’t have to waste time searching for driver download files. Driver Genius does everything and it does it fast and right – every time!

Dan T., Durbanville, SA



I thought my printer has broken down... it didn’t print, it didn’t respond at all. I almost threw it out but then I remembered to check for drivers. I run Driver Genius Pro and voila! It updated all my drivers and the printer was working again, like it’s brand new!

William S., Toronto, Canada


I bought a new PC but when I tried to hook it up with my existing monitor, printer, mouse, ... I ran into a problem. The hardware didn’t respond at all. I spent days and days searching the internet for drivers that I needed. I visited manufacturers’ websites trying to locate the right driver for each device. I wasn’t even half-way there when I decided to give Driver Genius a try. What a relief! It auto-detected all the devices missing drivers and it then did the update for the missing and obsolete drivers. It works perfectly!

Mara V., Chicago IL





Update and fix your drivers with Driver Genius



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